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Yogasanas (Darmstadt)

If you consciously hold an asana, it can alter the way you think, feel, and experience life. This is what hatha yoga can do." Sadhguru

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Yogasanas (Darmstadt)
Yogasanas (Darmstadt)

Time and Place

03. Sept. 2022, 09:00 – 04. Sept. 2022, 20:00

Darmstadt, Germany


Price: 245 € / 10 h Workshop

Age: 14 years and above

4 Sessions x 2 h 30 min (all 4 sessions are mandatory)

Saturday, 3. September  9:00 - 11:30 AM & 17:00 - 19:30 PM

Sunday, 4. September  9:00 - 11:30 AM & 17:00 - 19:30 PM

The word asana literally means a posture. Out of the innumerable asanas a body can assume, 84 have been identified as Yogasanas, through which one can transform the body and mind into a possibility for ultimate well-being. By consciously forming the body into a certain posture, one creates a conducive passage for energy flow that can elevate one's consciousness.

Yogasanas are a way of aligning the inner system and adjusting it to the celestial geometry, becoming in sync with the existence, thus naturally achieving a state of health, joy, bliss and above all balance.

The practice of Yogasanas provides countless benefits including:

  • Relief of chronic health conditions
  • Evolution of body and mind towards a higher possibility
  • Stabilization of the body, mind, and energy system
  • Deceleration of the aging process

The workshop taught in such a way that you can practice it on your own soon after completing the 4 sessions.

You will learn a set of 21 powerful postures.


  • Yogasanas

    245,00 €
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